Our Website Status

Our web site has been up since early 2010. In the beginning, it was visited heavily, especially when there was an upcoming event/reunion in the works. Several classmates took part in weekly chat sessions on our web site. Topics and participants varied, but all were at the very least fun and entertaining. 

In the past, we also had a quiz or a survey from time to time. Special events and birthdays are also noted. Menu options were highlighted occasionally.

Always on the page are current birthdays, current holidays, and hit songs from our high school years including links to the tunes.

Participation has fallen off markedly over the years. So, some changes might be in order. The following survey gives you the opportunity to voice your opinions.

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1)   How often do you visit the web site?

  Only when I receive a notice from the site
2)   What pages interest you the most?

(hint: check the top menu and the left menu. Pick one.)
3)   What do you dislike about the site?

4)   What do you like about the site?

5)   Are there other features you would like to see on the site?

6)   Any other comments?

7)   We are coming up on the 60th anniversary of our graduation. Any interest in a get together?

  Yes. Something casual,daytime.
  Yes. Something like we have done in the past - casual evening with planned event next day.
  Yes. A day cruise or a picnic.

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